We are a german DJ-Duo.

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Our intention is it to make any crowd and person in the world happy with our music! The music we play is a mix betweeen the best Clubtunes out there and this big Festival-Anthems and Future House.

Join us on our path!

Who we are...

We are Sarian Sommer and Felix Böttner. Together, we are PLURRED, a german DJ-Duo!

Felix Böttner

Sarian Sommer


Who we are...

The story of PLURRED began back in 2017. The two newcomers decided to play as a Duo as they played at a houseparty from a good friend. They recognized that their musical styles match and that they have got the same interests.
From here, they got booked for their first Gig ever - They played a Warmup Set at the amaviWILD in Göttingen, Germany. A month later, on 20th of april, they released their first single (Which has around 13k plays on SoundCloud) 'Überholen' with the well known german rapper and singer Jay Unique. The single hit 1k plays on SoundCloud in a week! PLURRED had the honor to open the last ever FLASH! Party in the EXXIT nightclub in Wolfsburg, Germany. On this party, there also played big german DJs, like Justin Pollnik.
Later in 2018, the two guys got more and more gigs and released more and more tracks, got their first recordlabel-deal and played their first Festivalgig at the
Home of Madness Festival.

For winter 2018 and early 2019, they have planned much, so stay updated.


16. March 2018

First show ever.

We had the honor to play in a club for the first time. We played at the 'Schools Out Party' in the amaviWILD nightclub in Göttingen, Germany

20. April 2018

First Single.

We published our first single 'Überholen' today. It's a tune with the german rapper and singer Jay Unique.

4. August 2018

First Festival Gig

We played the Warm-Up for the 'Home of Madness' Festival in Germany. We were so exited to gain this experience.

Autumn/Winter 2018 and 2019

Coming soon...

More infos soon...


Coming soon...

More infos soon...

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